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It’s been just over 3 months since our last post for iPlanIT Global! Oops!

Heres an update for all you industry experts, clients, partners and curious friends.

Firstly, we are bringing on a new team member. Amanda Murphy is a rock-star in Media and PR. She adds a needed perspective and experience in tailoring to the new needs our clients present us. We are facing situations with our clients wanting to maintain a consistent brand theme and strategy across all their marketing projects (print, web and mobile).  It makes logical sense, why would one sacrifice their organizations professionalism on any of the media platforms they exist on? With Amanda on board we can not only tailor to this need but also keep our own site up-to-date! (No more 3 month layovers for updating our blog!)

Secondly, our primary focus we would like to communicate over the course of this year is management of client websites, social media and marketing. We will try our best to convey our servicing to these areas in the most simplistic manner possible. We think results work best so do stay tuned for examples in this world we operate in. We hope to provide everyone with some insights through experiences – its been a fun journey and to not share seems like we are doing you all and ourselves an injustice. Plus, experience is better model for everyone rather than opinions and theories of how one should use a website, twitter, facebook, marketing etc… From industrial engineering to start-up retailers, from our use of open source software to custom development we have enough success and yes even some failure stories from actually doing that we can share actual results and not subjective opinions.

Thirdly, iplanIT Global is on a continual path of discovery. Like the web we will change and help our clients profit from this change. The changes that occur in the web are only utilized if it propels growth and profit. What we have experienced is that for the majority of organizations, a strategy does not tailor itself off a system, but it is the system that tailors itself to the strategy. One must understand where they want to go before they know which vehicle(s) to take to get there. We are simply tour guides that passionately enjoy learning about this changing environment, and from knowledge and experience we can guide our clients on a path they will benefit most from.

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