HoHo Hats – Turning Passion Into Profit

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The reversible HoHo Hat – transforming something more than style…

“Bolshoi Sacibo!… These things are a work of art!” – Will, Ukraine

“…best Christmas gift I’ve ever received!” – Charlie, Sarasota FL.

“Last year I looked everywhere for a hat like this and there was none be found… Perfect in every way… I really LOVE it and simply can’t find satisfactory words to describe the yummyness of this hat” – Kelly, Alaska

“My mom considers our 3 HoHo Hats family heirlooms. They were the hit of the holidays!” – Travis, Portland

The reviews are numerous, spanning all over the world. Prior to even having a website!

This niche business started when the client could not find what she wanted in a Santa hat, so she made it herself. After a growing number of sales from eBay and other websites she got a patent for her reversible work of art. When she knew she had something others loved just as much as she did, she took the next step and started the search for a website to properly brand, profit and mange everything from.

HoHo Hats has a great lesson to teach others about transforming a hobby / passion into profit online:

1) Testing the waters:
The community of buyers are passionately seeking what she had passionately created. The lesson here is that the client “tested the waters” first; fishing for potential others who had a similar need like she once had through simply listing the product on eBay first. The feedback gave her factual validation in her decision to take the next steps.

2) Be open and objective to feedback
We lucked out with a client that genuinely connects and cares for her customers in what they have to say. This important relationship is fueling additional product lines. The clients ability to “relate” with the buyer on an objective level (staying true to her identity) will act as the core of community growth. And once empowered through social media leads us to the next point.

3) Planning and managing the future
Ultimately it is not the product that drives success, but the purchasers of the product. With growth of sales and community comes the of growth of additional daily tasks. The website is acting as a HQ for the clients business in the following aspects:

  • Sales come from the website
  • Company branding  is coming from the website
  • The style of project management being used (agile project management) enables proper organization of the many feature and wishes being sent in to be released out at the proper time. It also keeps multiple teams accountable to the client – she is able to stay up-to-date from this transparent work model which she is actively involved in.
  • Community analytics will be analyzed in coordination with website analytics giving the client the ability to make quick and intelligent decisions based on intelligent data.
  • The client is able to see what aspects of projects she has time for and what aspects need to be managed externally.

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